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Gesmohogar ® Luxury Real State | Majorca

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Selection of properties

What’s your idea of a perfect home? Have a look on our website and, if you find it, do let us know. At Gesmohogar, we‘ll do everything we can to make it yours.

Personalised service

Every client is different. Every client has different needs, tastes and ideas that we, at Gesmohogar, will try to fulfil. Every satisfied customer is a success for us.

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Gesmohogar ® Luxury Real State | Majorca

Luxury in Mallorca, thanks to GESMOHOGAR

Our experience in real estate in Mallorca is quite extensive. We started with Gesmorent, becoming a reference in Mallorca in the sale and rental of commercial premises. After many requests from our clients, we have decided embark into luxury real estate. Through our many years of experience with Gesmorent, we’ve acquired a certain know how, so if you’re looking to sell your home, be sure that you’re leaving it in good hands. Our team of professionals is permanently in contact with a wide portfolio of clients spread across several regions and countries, and with a high interest in acquiring luxury homes in Mallorca.

If on the other hand, you are interested in acquiring a property, either as a home, or to invest in a booming sector with high economic performance such as luxury real estate, don’t hesitate to register to fully understand all the properties we have in our portfolio. If after visiting our portfolio you still have questions about the luxury homes and luxury villas we have for sale, our team of professionals will help you with everything you need, both through the contact forms and in person at our offices.

Our main goal is to work to offer you your dream house, an idyllic place to call home. If on the other hand, you’re interested in selling your home, you will get the visibility a luxury home deserves in our portfolio of luxury real estate.