Talking about oneself is never easy.

We are of the opinion that daily work, which we have been doing for more than twenty years, is our best cover letter.

 The involvement of the entire team, our tenacity, ambition, honesty and, above all, the transparency with which we work speak of us and for us.

At Gesmohogar, a real estate agency from Palma that was created under the aegis of Gesmorent, we believe in hard work that is not governed by a clock but by achieved targets. We believe in our clients and in their degree of satisfaction, we believe in our desire to grow, in excellence, honesty and in doing things properly.

We believe in the magic of finding the perfect house.

We can’t –nor want to– present Gesmohogar without first talking about its older sister, Gesmorent.

Chechu Osinalde, head and heart of Gesmogroup, the brand that brings together the previous two, armed with a pen, a blog, a car and a strong drive, built from scratch a leading company in the national rental, sale and transfer of premises and warehouse sector, Gesmorent. After twenty years of hard work, it has been positioned as an indisputable reference in the sectors of both premise rentals and in the buying and selling of banking products.

And, while that powerful pillar of Gesmogroup is consolidated as a strong and close link between investors and the main banks in our country, Gesmohogar is born with a completely different objective: to find you the house of your dreams.

Enchanting properties in which good taste and exquisiteness are always present. In addition, Gesmohogar ensures the safety of our clients and we care about their peace of mind, which is also ours.